Home Interiors

We help families renovate and build their dream homes

There's a lot of work that goes into renovating a home. With so much time and money spent, you want to be sure you're satisfied with the final results. That's why here at Ace Lumber we offer a variety of unique styles that fit every family, idea, and budget. Unsure on how to get started? Bring in your ideas, Pinterest board or detailed plans today, and our team of experts will go over everything with you and give you suggestions to help make your dream home a reality.

Mouldings & Trim

From the clean sophisticated lines of painted trim to the timeless quality of solid wood mouldings are the final touches that enhance any room with a finish that expresses your personal style. Revive a room by replacing the casings and baseboards, or add a “wow” factor with a crown or chair rail.

Interior Doors & Hardware

Doors are just the thing to bring out the true personality of any home. They come in a wide variety of models built to the highest standards of quality and are designed to reflect the style you want. Options include a range of wood species, finish colours, sticking profiles, panel profiles and raised mouldings.

Paint & Stains

The power of colour is something that most people are unaware of. By simply using colour, you can liven the mood or quiet it down, as well as add warmth or coolness in a room. See our paint and stain colours and trends and be inspired to implement them into your living space! 


Many homeowners look to the past for design inspiration. They relish the character of tall baseboards, dark grained wood and coffered ceilings. For floors, they want material rich in history, yet modern in terms of warmth, comfort and environmental friendliness. You can choose from a wide range of flooring options to meet such aesthetic and performance requirements, but may still have questions about certain products that tick the right boxes for charm and antiquity.

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